Make and Take Tie Blanket with a Movie!


We are sold out! Movie will be Sherlock Gnomes (PG).

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February 18th, 2023: Make and Take Tie Blanket with the movie Sherlock Gnomes (PG) – this is the official registration page for this event. You cannot register in person at the theatre or on facebook. You must register at

Open to anyone who can tie a knot OR to anyone who can find a buddy (parent figure) that can help tie 🙂. We will have the blankets all cut and ready for you!!

Event starts at 11am. Movie starts at 12pm noon. The movie is Sherlock Gnomes (PG) (86 minutes)🎥, popcorn 🍿, soda🥤, and your blanket to take home!! We are unable to provide refunds BUT if plans change and you can not make it, we will save your material, popcorn, and soda for you to pick up and do at home 🏡.

Want more details? This is how our event will go ❤️ You can either drop your child off or stay and partake in the fun! Once your child arrives they will check in at the concession counter and head to the theatre where their blanket material will be waiting for them! They can start tying their blanket and we will be walking around to help and answer any questions ❤️

Once everyone has their blankets made, we will go out to the lobby to grab a popcorn 🍿 and soda 🥤and then the movie starts at noon!! (To prevent spills, the 🍿 and 🥤, won’t be handed out until AFTER the blankets are made 😉😊). Anyone can come in and help their child with the blanket and stay to watch the movie at no charge!! Or join in the fun and purchase a blanket ticket for you too!!

We look forward to seeing YOU at the movies 🍿Have any questions, just ask 😊🥤


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