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video game parties

BIG SCREEN gamers bring your friends to play all your favorite games and enjoy popcorn and soda (included in the package) while you game. Stop in and pick up a sheet describing everything you need to know about our video game packages.

Call us today to plan a birthday party, private movie screening, video game party, business meeting or any other special event. The Phoenix is open to schools, clubs, businesses, organization, family events and special occasions… just give us a call to reserve your time on the big screen at 715.732.1233

Phoenix Theatre rental packages – Video games only (Xbox 360/One or PS3/PS4)

Packages using LCD projection (1280×720/1920×1080)

  • $85.00 – 2hrs of game play
  • $100.00 – 3hrs of game play
  • $120.00 – 4hrs of game play
  • Additional hours billed at $20.00 hr.

What is included?

  • Up to 4 players, soda/popcorn with free refills
  • Additional players are $10.00 each (also includes soda/popcorn with free refills)


  • Wireless controller rental for Xbox 360 $10.00 each
  • Xbox 360 rental $30.00
  • Internet $20.00

If you rent an Xbox we will supply the system, power and HD cables. If you bring your system you must bring a system that has an fiber optic sound output, controllers, power cables, HD cables for Component/HDMI, games and memory sticks if you have a profile you want to use. The Phoenix does not supply memory sticks, hard drives or profiles.
The Phoenix does NOT have a PS3/PS4 or Xbox One so you will have to bring everything for those systems if that is your system of choice.

All gamers must act and play in a respectable manner or you may be asked to leave without any refund of unused game time, this includes keeping your theatre clean as you would if you were playing at home. There will be an added surcharge of $20.00/hr if extra cleaning of theatre is necessary. If any controller rentals are damaged during your game play you will be responsible for replacing that controller.

Concession stand is open as normal with free refills on all soda and popcorn. No carry-ins except birthday cake, ice cream and pizza if you choose for your party. All times must be before normal scheduled shows for that day. All events are booked at a first come first serve basis and must be made in person at the Phoenix Theatre.

For info call 715.732.1233


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