Back to the Future


(PG)         1hr 56min


Released 3 July 1985


Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi


July 10 - July 16


Fri 4:45

Sat 2:00, 4:45

Sun 4:45

Mon 4:45

Tue 7:30

Wed closed

Thurs 7:30 Ends Thursday

Star Wars:The  Empire Strikes Back


(PG)         2hr 4min


Released 20 June 1980


Action, Adventure, Fantasy


July 10 - July 16


Fri 7:20 (stormtroopers here before the movie)

Sat 2:00, 7:20

Sun 2:00, 7:20

Mon 7:20

Tue 4:40

Wed closed

Thurs 4:40 Ends Thursday

Disney's               Inside Out


(PG)         1hr 35min


Released 19 June 2015


Animation, Adventure, Comedy


July 10 - July 16


Fri 5:00

Sat 5:00

Sun 2:15, 5:00

Mon 5:00

Tue 7:30

Wed closed

Thurs 7:30 Ends Thursday

Black Panther


(PG13)         2hr 14min


Released 16 Feburary 2018


Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi


July 10 - July 16


Fri 7:30

Sat 7:30

Sun 7:30

Mon 7:30

Tue 4:30

Wed closed

Thurs 4:30 Ends Thursday


Starting July 17 at Mariner Theatre




(PG13)         1hr 53min


Released 10 May 1996


Action, Adventure, Thirller

Starting July 17 at Mariner Theatre


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


(PG13)         2hr 7min


Released 24 May 1989


Action, Adventure

Ass all cinemas  begin to reopen around the country and the world, Mariner is showing movies now and bringing back a blockbuster lineup to the BIG screen. Mariner will play these movies (if available) and more in the weeks to come until new movies are released and availabe to us. So grab some hot buttered popcorn, a cold soda, pick your seat and enjoy some great classic Hollywood movies. All movies will play for 1 week only and for only $1.00 admission!


Jurassic World (PG13) 2015

The Matrix (R) complete series Starts July 24

Jaws (PG)  Starts July 31

Back to the Future (PG) (complete series)

WIzard of OZ (PG) 1939

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (PG) (the complete series)  Starts July 24

2 Fast 2 Furious (PG13)  Starts July 24



Starting Friday July 17 with only $1.00 admission!

Twister (PG13)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (PG13)

Iron Man (PG13) 2008

Beauty and the Beast (PG) (live Action)

Starting July 17 at Mariner Theatre


Beauty and the Beast (live action)


(PG)         2hr 9min


Released 17 March 2017


Family, Fantasy, Musical


These movies will be some of the best movies that have defined past generations from comedies, action, drama, Sci-Fi and beyond! What will our next Throwback movie?


  For the next few months Mariner will be playing some of the greatest classic movies available until new release movies trickle down to us to play. So grab your cold soda, butter your hot popcorn, select your favorite candy, pick your favorite seat and enoy a great classic movie!


                 Email or Facebook with your movie ideas


Rent a Mariner Theatre Screen!


Rent a Mariner theatre screen for birthday parties, big screen video games, weddings, business meetings, family reunions, graduations parties or just to watch your favorite movie for yourself. Contact Lance at 715-732-6869 for more information on how to rent the LARGEST screen in town!

Dear Mariner Theatre patrons:


We would like to provide you info on how we at the Mariner are addressing the challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID19).


As always, the health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. We have placed enhanced cleaning measures in our theatre which means more frequent cleaning of heavily trafficked areas and hard surfaces with a sanitizing solution based on CDC guidelines. These areas include our customer service counters, soda fountain areas, food prep areas, entrances/exits, restrooms, seat backs, arm rests, and cup holders, drinking fountains, and other areas as needed. Hand sanitizer is available for our customer’s use and is located at each of the two service counters. Any disinfectant odor should be mild and will pass quickly with the popping popcorn smell you all love!


We are prepared to address any needs that arise as a result of following the Center for Disease Control’s Preventative Protocols and look forward to continuing to provide you with a clean, safe, and friendly atmosphere at all times.


Thank you for your patronage to Mariner Theatre


Lance Olson - Owner


Mariner Theatre

2000 Ella Court

Marinette, WI  54143


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